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When you contact us a Eagle Environmental, we will advise you on the steps it takes to reduce the radon levels in your home. We offer a free evaluation and will typically be able to leave you with a written estimate on site.

The steps are as follows:

1. The first step is to do accurate testing based on E.P.A. protocol. This information usually comes with the test kits or you can hire a radon testing professional. Refer to the reference area in our web site. Eagle does not do testing. This would be a conflict of interest, since we do the fixing.

2. Once you have done accurate testing and have determined the readings to be unacceptable contact us through the web site or call us to set up a free evaluation. Typically within 1-3 days Eagle will be able to meet with you to evaluate the property.

3. While at the property Eagle will evaluate the radon problem, determine options on the installation of the mitigation system and provide you with a written proposal on how radon levels will be lowered.

4. Eagle is listed by the National Radon Proficiency Program as being proficient in radon mitigation. This means that all of our systems will be installed per E.P.A. protocol.

5. At this point if you decide to hire Eagle Environmental to do the installation, we will schedule an installation date. Most systems are installed in one day.

6. After the installation Eagle will provide you with the means to do a retest. This is to verify that the radon levels have been reduced to the level that was guaranteed.

7. Eagle will then leave with the test kit a provide a post mitigation questionnaire. We like to get feed back on how Eagle Environmental performed for your situation.

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