Eagle Environmental wants to educate you the customer, in making informed decisions on how to handle your Radon issue.

We have provided links and downloadable materials to guide you along in the Radon Mitigation process.

We always recommend talking with a Radon Mitigation Professional, as they can provide the best course of action to resolving your problem.

To have a Radon Specialist from Eagle Environmental contact you please visit our Contact Page or call us at 1.800.697.2366.

Common Questions About Radon

Why do I need to test for radon?

If I am selling a home what should I do?

If I am buying a home what should I do?

Government & EPA Web Resources

What Home Buyers & Sellers Should Know About Radon Video PSA
A Public Service Announcement created by the EPA on the importance of Radon and how it exists in your home and can affect your family.

EPA: The Consumer’s Guide to Radon Reduction
You’ve tested your home for radon, but now what? The EPA Consumers Guide is for people who have tested their home for radon and confirmed that they have elevated radon levels and need to find a qualified Radon Mitigation Contractors to determine the best course of action.

EPA: Home Buyer’s and Seller’s Guide to Radon
A Great resource provided by the EPA on what to do test for Radon when either buying or selling your home.

Government Office Links

Environmental Protection Agency [EPA]

Massachusetts State Radon Office

Testing Professionals

Radon Testing Professionals